Do Gas Stoves Work When the Power is Out?

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Do Gas Stoves Work When the Power is Out?

If the lights are out and we are in darkness, the inconvenience of a power failure quickly becomes evident. We're unable to charge our phones, the food in our refrigerator gets spoiled, and our productivity suffers when we work at home.

However, for many, especially those who are housebound, a power failure is more than just a nuisance. It can hinder their cooking and eating, which can lead to serious health issues and, in the most extreme situations, could be life-threatening.

From 2013 until 2021, the duration of outages across the U.S. has increased alarmingly. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the duration of outages that would have lasted approximately 3.5 hours now lasted for more than 7 hours. This is also occurring more frequently.

Source: EIA 


Will My Gas Stove Work in a Power Outage?

Well, it depends. The functionality of gas stoves during power outages varies based on their design and ignition systems. Older gas stove models often rely on a continuous pilot light and generally work without electricity. These stoves don't depend on electrical power for their primary function, providing a gas flame.

On the other hand, many modern gas stoves use electric ignition systems. In these models, electricity is used to start the flame. When the power is out, these electric ignition systems won't work.

However, modern stoves are only partially unusable during a power outage. Many of these stoves can still be manually lit, but you'll need to take extra steps to do so safely.

How to Light a Gas Stove Manually

Lighting a Gas Stove Manually

Check your stove's manual before attempting to light it manually during a power outage. This will confirm if your model supports manual lighting and outline necessary safety precautions.

For manual lighting:

  • 1.Use a long wooden match or a nozzle lighter.
  • 2.Ignite and hold it near the burner's flame ports.
  • 3.Slowly open the valve to a low setting to release gas and light the burner.
  • 4.Once lit, remove the ignition source and adjust the flame as needed.

Prioritize safety by avoiding flammable materials and keeping an extinguisher handy.

Here's a simplified table showcasing the essentials about using gas stoves during a power outage:




Thermostat Control

Ceases operation

Manual temperature monitoring becomes necessary for oven use.

Safety Valve

Automatically shuts off gas

Prevents gas flow when ignition is not possible, ensuring safety.

Ignition System

Automatic ignition unavailable

Burners can be manually lit with matches or a lighter.


Alternative Cooking Methods During Power Outages

If using your gas stove isn't an option, or you're looking for backup methods, consider outdoor grills, campfires, or even indoor options like Sterno stoves. These alternatives can be invaluable for preparing meals and heating water when electricity is unavailable.

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