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Great addition to my remodeled kitchen. The Awoco 1200 air flow is strong. I keep it on low for my use. I called their support number to make sure it would work in my situation and they told me it will be fine. I just want to keep bugs out because my family is in and out the back door most of the time bringing groceries or whatever. It looks great! Check out the photos!

Ward Wayne -

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We just purchased this hood and installation was simple. Just remember if you are using a drill bit or even a screwdriver it needs to be long enough to work between the space. We had a hood that our builders installed but it wasn’t strong enough as I cook all the time and hate the smell of food in my house once I’m done cooking. I decided to go with this one after research several other and actually ordering a Kobe very similar to this one but w only 400 cfm. The old Whirlpool I replaced was just as loud and not effective at all. I’m pleased with the quality and will update if I feel differently.

F Amazonian -

Fly Trap Reviews (Click Here)


First, the light fixture is attractive and fits most décor. The light is good for catching small flying insects and sticky traps are easy to change. Could use a longer cord so light could be hung higher. Use them in my pest control business. So far, they work great.

C. Phelps -


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