Awoco Range Hoods: A Comprehensive Review from Forbes Home

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Awoco Range Hoods: A Comprehensive Review from Forbes Home

In the vibrant kitchen appliance sector, Awoco stands out, particularly for its high-quality range hoods. Known for improving air quality with stylish designs, Awoco has earned praise from both users and experts. This review synthesizes insights from Forbes Home, a trusted source for product reviews, offering a deep dive into Awoco's industry standing. For an in-depth look, check out Forbes Home's articles on the best under-cabinet range hoods and top range hood brands, highlighting Awoco's excellence.


Positive Reviews from Forbes home

Why We Picked It

Awoco manufactures ventilation products, including range hoods. The brand primarily carries under-cabinet, wall-mounted and island range hoods, but also sells inserts for those who need them. Product prices fall between $300 and $500, placing them firmly in the middle of the road. The company also sells refurbished and used range hoods at reduced prices (typically below $300).

A one-year limited warranty of free parts, repair or exchange is guaranteed. If you need customer support, Awoco provides both a phone number and a convenient online contact form. Products can be bought directly from the company site as well as common online kitchen appliance retailers.

Pros & Cons

  • Range hoods come in plenty of sizes
  • One-year parts warranty on refurbished and used range hoods
  • Physical store located in California


Forbes Home's "Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods of February 2024" prominently features the Awoco RH-C06-30 Under-Cabinet Classic Stainless Steel Range Hood as a top pick. This endorsement highlights its standout performance and stylish design, making it a preferred choice for modern kitchens. Recognized for its quality and functionality, the RH-C06-30 exemplifies the best in kitchen ventilation solutions.

Awoco RH-C06-30 Under-Cabinet Classic Stainless Steel Range Hood





Average Price


Customer Reviews



36 Months


Why We Picked It

The Awoco classic under-cabinet range hood is a ducted, stainless steel option that vents outdoors. It comes in three sizes (30”, 36” and 42”) and has four operating speeds. The baffle filters are easy to remove and install. Plus, they boast durability, reduced noise and improved airflow. At a reasonable official sale price of  $320, this range hood is a good choice for any residential kitchen.





Baffle filters are dishwasher friendly


The brushed finish on the stainless steel and the LED lighting provide a sleek, modern look for your kitchen


Not loud: Noise level ranges between 49 dB (low setting) and 62 dB (high setting)


No change filter or warning light


Does not come with a smoke alarm


No Wi-Fi capability

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